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Joint Research Centre for Language and Human Complexity (JRCLHC) was established in December 2013. It was a joint effort of three partner institutions: The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), Peking University (PKU) and The University System of Taiwan (UST). We aim to be a world-recognized leader in selected research areas with particular relevance to Greater China.

The major objectives of JRCLHC are as follows:
• To achieve a fuller understanding of the linguistic diversity in our part of the world, especially in the non-urban regions.

• To pay special attention to features not commonly found in European languages and cultures (E.g. lexical use of tones, a rich system of classifiers, a relatively simple morphology, and writing in thousands of sinograms)

• To promote transdisciplinary research and make connections among bodies of knowledge.

Investigating ‘where we come from’, ‘what we are’, and ‘where we are going’, are time-honored questions for us as a unique species in this known universe. It is a grand challenge in which our Joint Centre has committed to participate. We hope that many young people will be excited by these questions and join us in this fundamental quest.

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