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  • Ge, J., Peng, G., Lyu, B., Wang, Y., Zhuo, Y., Niu, Z., ... & Gao, J. H. (2015). Cross-language differences in the brain network subserving intelligible speech.Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences112(10), 2972-2977.
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  • Caicai Zhang, Quansheng Xia, and Gang Peng (2015). Mandarin third tone sandhi requires more effortful phonological encoding in speech production: Evidence from an ERP study. Journal of Neurolinguistics, 33, pp. 149-162.
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  • Quansheng Xia, Gang Peng, Feng Shi. (2014). Hemispheric lateralization in the semantic processing of nouns, verbs and verb-noun ambiguous words in Chinese: Evidence from an ERP study". Journal of Psychological Science, 37: 1333 – 1340. (in Chinese)
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  • Xiao Wang, and Gang Peng. (2014). Phonological processing in Mandarin speakers with congenital amusia. Journal of the Acoustical Society of
    , 136, pp. 3360-3370.downloadFull .pdf version
  • Hong-Ying Zheng, Gang Peng, Jian-Yong Chen, Caicai Zhang, James W. Minett, and William S-Y. Wang (2014). The Influence of Tone Inventory on ERP without Focal Attention: A Cross-Language Study. Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine, Volume 2014, Article ID 961563, 7 pages.
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  • Mieko Ogura, Takumi Inakazu, & William S-Y. Wang (2014). Evolution Tense and Aspect. In Erica A. Carmill, Seán Roberts, Heidi Lyn, Hannah Cornish. The Evolution of Language. Paper presented at the 10th International Conference of the Evolution of Language, Vienna (pp. 213-220)
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  • Lin Zhou, Manson C-M. Fong, James W. Minett, Gang Peng, & William S-Y. Wang (2014). Pre-lexical phonological processing in reading Chinese characters: An ERP study. Journal of Neurolinguistics, 30, pp. 14-26
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