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A. Journal articles or book chapters:



  • 拉波夫 & 王士元. 2014. 語音變化前沿問題演講錄. 語言教學與研究 1.1-12. labov&wang.pdf


  • Zhou, Lin, Gang Peng, Hong-Ying Zheng, I.-Fan Su & William S-Y. Wang. 2013. Sub-lexical phonological and semantic processing of semantic radicals: a primed naming study. Reading and Writing. 26. 967-89. 2013zlR&W.pdf
  • Wang, William S-Y. 2013. Language learning and the brain: An evolutionary perspective. In Breaking Down the Barriers: Interdisciplinary Studies in Chinese Linguistics and Beyond, Language and Linguistics Monograph Series 50. 綜古述今 鉤深取極. 語言暨語言學專刊系列之五十, ed. by Cao Guangshun曹廣順, Hilary Chappell曹茜蕾, Redouane Djamouri 羅端and Thekla Wiebusch魏婷蘭, 21-48. Taipei: Institute of Linguistics, Academia Sinica. WangWilliam2013.pdf
  • 王士元. 2013. 語言演化的三個尺度. 科學中國人1: 16-20. wsyw-3 scales2013.pdf
  • Zhang, Caicai, Gang Peng & William S-Y. Wang. 2013. Achieving constancy in spoken word identification: Time course of talker normalization. Brain & Language 126.193-202. Zhang_et_al2013B&L.pdf
  • Peng, Gang, Ruo-Xiao Yang & William S-Y. Wang. 2013. Lateralized Stroop interference effect with Chinese characters. 實驗語言學 2(1) 1-8. LateralizedStroopChineseCharacters.pdf
  • Peng, Gang, Diana Deutsch, Trevor Henthorn, Danjie Su & William S-Y. Wang. 2013. Language experience influences non-linguistic pitch perception. Journal of Chinese Linguistics 41(2): 447-67. 2013PGetalJCL.pdf
  • 王士元. 2013. 誰是中國人? 科學中國人 8.38-43. 中国论坛王士元2013.pdf


  • Ogura, Mieko & William S-Y. Wang. 2012. The global organization of the English lexicon and its evolution. English Historical Linguistics 2008, Volume II: Words, Texts and Genres, ed. by H. Sauer & G. Waxenberger, 65-83: John Benjamins Publishing Company. ogura2012.pdf
  • PENG, Gang, Caicai ZHANG, Hongying ZHENG, James W. MINETT & William S-Y. WANG. 2012. The effect of intertalker variations on acoustic-perceptual mappings in Cantonese and Mandarin tone systems. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research 55.579-95. peng2012c.pdf
  • Minett, James William, Hong-Ying Zheng, Manson C-M. Fong, Lin Zhou, Gang Peng & William S-Y. Wang. 2012. A Chinese Text Input Brain-Computer Interface Based on the P300 Speller. International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction 28.472-83. minett.2012.pdf
  • Zheng, Hong-Ying, James Minett, Gang Peng & S-Y.W. Wang. 2012. The impact of tone systems on the categorical perception of lexical tones: An event-related potentials study. Language and Cognitive Processes 27.2.184-209. zheng.2012.pdf
  • Zhang, Caicai, Gang Peng & William S-Y. Wang. 2012. Unequal effects of speech and nonspeech contexts on the perceptual normalization of Cantonese level tones. J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 132.2. 1088-99. zhang2012.pdf


  • Wang 王士元 , W. S.-Y. 2011. 演化語言學的演化. 當代語言學13.1.1-21. WSY2011.pdf
  • Peng, G. & William S-Y. Wang. 2011. Hemisphere lateralization is influenced by bilingual status and composition of words. Neuropsychologia 49. 1981-6. Peng_Wang_Neuropsychologia11.pdf
  • Wang, W. S.-Y., & Tsai, Y. 2011. The alphabet and the sinogram: Setting the stage for a look across orthographies. In P. McCardle, J. R. Lee, B. Miller & O. Tzeng, 1-16. (Eds.), Dyslexia Across Languages: Orthography and the Brain–Gene–Behavior Link. Brookes Publishing. 2011alphabetSinogram.pdf
  • Wang 王士元 , William S-Y. 2011. Ambiguity in language. Korean Journal of Chinese Language and Literature 1.3-20.ambiguity2011.pdf


  • Wang, W.S-Y. 2010. 中國的語言與民族. 茶馬古道研究集刊1.1-16. zhongguoyuyanminzu.pdf
  • Gong, Tao, James W. Minett & William S. -Y. Wang. 2010. A simulation study exploring the role of cultural transmission in language evolution. Connection Science 22.69-85. Gongetal(2010)Cultural transmission.pdf
  • Peng, Gang, James W. Minett & William S-Y. Wang. 2010. Cultural Background Influences the Liminal Perception of Chinese Characters: An ERP Study. Journal of Neurolinguistics 23.416-26. cultural2010.pdf
  • Peng, Gang, Hong-Ying Zheng, Tao Gong, Ruo-Xiao Yang, Jiang-Ping Kong & William S-Y. Wang. 2010. The influence of language experience on categorical perception of pitch contours. Journal of Phonetics 38.616-24. peng2010.pdf

2009 - 1958

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